TrueLook Integrates Camera Technology with Project Management Software from Procore

TrueLook has announced a new integration partnership with Procore, a provider of cloud-based applications for construction.

The integration streamlines the photo interface from TrueLook with the project management software from Procore, allowing Procore users to view, store and share jobsite photos with contacts or within their Procore projects.

“For example, if an accident occurs on a jobsite, a client can look it up by date, find the relevant photos, and save them to a Procore album,” says Ken Pittman, chief marketing officer for TrueLook. “They can add comments and send those along with the images to any Procore user. This gives construction companies a way to find, document and save images for specific projects or events.”

This is just one of many technological advances for TrueLook as the construction industry embraces new ways to streamline jobsite management.

“TrueLook’s integration takes full advantage of Procore’s APIs, allowing collaborative actions like commenting, assigning ownership to tasks, and requesting information from team members to take place on photos and videos within Procore’s tools,” says Eric Tucker, business development manager, Procore.

The integration also optimizes photo storage and project management software for client companies.

“When a customer logs into Procore, they’ll see their live TrueLook camera in the upper right corner,” Pittman says. “They’ll have their photo, drone, and time-lapse albums at their fingertips. There’s also a link that launches the full TrueLook interface to watch their live stream.”

TrueLook has more software integrations planned in the coming months. They made recent hardware upgrades as well, adding integrated drone services and ethernet-based cameras for indoor jobsites. They are capturing about 2 million images a week, with more than 300 million permanently saved images stored.

The TrueLook integration is available on the Procore App Marketplace.

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