Ultra-thin Countertops Feature GREENGUARD Gold Certication

The warmth of the sun can bring a sense of calm, comfort and cheer to any environment. Wilsonart, an innovator of next-generation engineered surfaces, is helping homeowners infuse these emotions into their home décor by introducing the first new additions to the company’s THINSCAPE Performance Tops, the brand’s popular line of European-inspired, ultra-thin countertops. These sun-drenched designs offer a rare combination of attainable luxury with exceptional performance.

Wilsonart has introduced new additions to the company’s THINSCAPE Performance Tops, the brand’s line of European-inspired, ultra-thin countertops.

The Wilsonart THINSCAPE stone collection brings two fresh looks to the line’s existing portfolio of ultra-slim decorative surfaces. The new designs include:

·        Solenne Marble (TS508) – a stately bright white stone with grey to charcoal and brown to bronze veins. This warm/cool color mix allows for seamless coordination with other materials and colors. True to a marble look, Solenne Marble offers an upscale approach to minimalist design and features a Luster finish with a semi-gloss sheen and smooth surface.

·        Tortona Quartzite (TS509) – a large-scale stone design with subtle detailing that maintains a natural fissured look. Brighter white areas punctuate the overall warm white slab while grey intermingles with the warm white to add depth and dimensionality. This surface presents an air of sophistication to modern kitchens and is available in a Luster finish, which delivers a semi-gloss sheen and smooth surface.

Wilsonart revolutionized countertops with the introduction of its THINSCAPE Performance Tops in 2019. The collection offers a minimalist style that pairs well with modern spaces by combining on-trend aesthetics with sleek engineering and everyday durability. Performance is not sacrificed in the countertop’s ultra-thin and stylish profile; instead, it offers exceptional durability with resistance to impact, scratches and moisture. THINSCAPE Performance Tops are ideal for kitchen countertops, bath vanities, laundry room worktops and even commercial tabletop applications in hospitality, office and retail environments.

Manufactured in the USA, THINSCAPE Performance Tops also come with UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for indoor air quality and can be found at kitchen and bath dealers and local fabricators nationwide. 

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