Uniboard Investment To Increase MDF Production at Mont Laurier Facility

Building on the success of the Microwave project with a 7-million-dollar investment in 2016, Uniboard has announced an $18 million investment to further modernize and expand its plant at Mont Laurier.

Continuing on the theme of innovation, the dryer configuration will use state-of-the art technology and connect with Uniboard’s gas treatment system. The project leverages proprietary expertise in clean air technology and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This process will reduce its CO2 emissions, in addition to increasing production capacity.

‘’Innovation in our production processes is a key element of Uniboard’s approach to operational excellence. With this investment we are continuing our commitment to growth as demonstrated also by our recent modernization and expansion announcements at Val d’Or and Sayabec,’’ underlines James N. Hogg, president and CEO of Uniboard.

‘’The upgrade to a new generation dryer will not only allow us to increase productivity but also to further the positioning of our plant as the leader in MDF in North America,’’ adds Sebastien Coté, plant director of Uniboard Mont-Laurier.

Uniboard’s Mont Laurier MDF facility is known for its properties and its adapted solutions with such grades as Excel+, Excel and Nu Green. Mont Laurier’s MDF is also the substrate for Uniboard’s thermally fused laminate (TFL) line available throughout North America.

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