Universal Lighting Technologies Launches Merchandising Program for Loyal Distributors

Universal Lighting Technologies recently launched True Blue, a new merchandising program that supplies bright and attractive point-of-purchase items to its loyal distributors.

Signage and other merchandising materials are designed to help increase sales and customer awareness of key product opportunities on the distributor level. Displaying these support materials gives Universal’s distributors the opportunity to engage customers, increase counter sales, drive repeat business, and prominently place high interest items to leverage branch counter area.

One of the key benefits of the program is helping distributors endorse the new CENTO product family of sensors and power packs. The promotion allows distributors to stock an initial amount of sensors, and receive a free CENTO Awareness Kit. The kit includes literature, aisle blade, floor decal, shelf wobblers and an adhesive countermat. These items help the distributor inform their customers about Universal’s sensor and power pack components – a key part of today’s comprehensive lighting control strategy.

“Universal understands that every branch location has a different merchandising strategy, and space is always a concern,” said Susan Phillips, director of marketing at Universal. “With the True Blue promotion, distributors get to select from up to ten new merchandising items that work best for their location, choosing from two point-of-purchase packages.”

The new Universal merchandising items include a variety of options. From acrylic counter units to put sample products and literature on display at a distributor counter, to the very popular counter stools, and even a ceiling mounted light thief box, which illuminates Universal’s complete product portfolio.

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