Universal Lighting Technologies’ LED Vapor Tight Fixture Is Awarded Product of the Year by EC&M

Universal Lighting Technologies, a member of the Panasonic Group, has been awarded the 2016 Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine Product of the Year Award for its EVERLINE LED Vapor Tight Fixture product in the Luminaires category.

The annual EC&M awards program showcases the most innovative products of the previous year and recognizes the talent and commitment of the people involved in development from conception to sales and marketing. EC&M Magazine works to bestow these awards on inventive products that help electrical professionals do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

“We’re extremely proud of the team behind the EVERLINE Vapor Tight fixtures, from our engineers and product managers to our marketing and sales group,” says Joe Damiani, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing for Universal Lighting Technologies. “As LED technology continues to thrive in the industry, our team at Universal is determined to lead the industry in lighting innovation, and it’s great to see their hard work pay off.”

The EVERLINE LED Vapor Tight Luminaires are durable fixtures featuring the reliability of a complete in-house design, including EVERLINE “matched” modules and drivers. The luminaires feature 4- and 8-foot products for retrofit and new construction, providing equivalent lumen packages to current fluorescent solutions but at significantly higher efficiencies. Fixture light output lumens range from 4,400 to 11,500 delivered lumens for the 4-foot product and 8,500 to 21,800 delivered lumens for the 8-foot product.

With an NSF certification, the Vapor Tight Fixture offers an ideal light source for harsh culinary environments, such as cold storage, car wash, clean rooms, canning/bottling, food processing, commercial kitchens, wash-down applications, outdoor parking garages, covered canopies and barns. The LED Vapor Tight comes with an IP65-rated, fiberglass-reinforced housing, engineered for tough environments and for facilities looking to make the transition to LED technology.

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