Upgrade Access Control with Wireless Solutions

Upgrade the safety and security of your building with wireless solutions from ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware and Adams Rite. Designed for easy integration into existing access control systems, our products with Aperio technology allow building operators and facility managers to add or upgrade access control to more applications than ever.

Upgrade the safety and security of your building with wireless solutions from ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware and Adams Rite.
  • The Adams Rite G100 Digital Glass Door Lock is a surface-mounted, digital glass door locking solution that offers greater flexibility and control for interior office spaces without costly modifications. This digital locking solution offers cost-effective network-managed retrofit access control capabilities for single or double frameless glass door applications without the need for cutting or drilling. The G100 seamlessly integrates within existing access control system software and supports single card or dual-factor (card + keypad) authentication for enhanced interior security.
  • The HES K100 Cabinet Lock is a flexible, integrated cabinet lock that extends access control to shared office spaces. Aperio technology enables organizations to follow digital trails and better manage operations, as well as protect themselves against misuse and theft. The HES K100 supports HID multiCLASS SE card technologies and automatically relocks when the door is closed. Additionally, the HES K100 can be used to control and track access to pharmaceuticals, prototypes, restricted documents, evidence, tools and high-value materials through the use of existing ID badges.
  • Prevent costly and damaging security breaches with the HES KS100 Server Cabinet Lock.  Designed to install easily, with no cutting, on most swing handle server cabinet doors with existing lock prep, the HES KS100 is a PoE hardwire locking option with wireless Aperio technology that supports low or high frequency cards. The HES KS100 is available standard with locked state monitoring and SFIC mechanical key override and offers an optional DPS monitoring sensor for high security applications.
  • Manage employee and visitor access with the Securitron R100 Card Reader. The surface-mounted Securitron R100 offers a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing way to extend access control to glass, metal or stone surfaces without the need for cutting or drilling. The R100 provides flexible, robust retrofit options for entryways previously unseen in the industry.

Aperio technology is a global wireless platform that reduces the cost and inconvenience of traditional access control with the flexibility to address any new or retrofit application. Aperio utilizes local wireless communication between the lock and a communications hub to connect to an electronic access control system. You can easily expand the reach of existing access control systems and secure openings that would otherwise go unprotected. With the global range of Aperio-enabled locks from ASSA ABLOY, online access control can be easy and cost-effective at any opening, with standardization across locations worldwide.

Intelligent Products from ASSA ABLOY are only available through Authorized Channel Partners and installed by Certified Integrators. Together, the Authorized Channel Partner and Certified Integrator programs further collaboration between wholesalers, distributors and security systems integrators. The end result is seamless integration of electronic door hardware with the overall building control system. 

ASSA ABLOY Academy offers both online and hands-on training sessions about doors, hardware, and access control systems. Online training modules, specifically outlined for Intelligent Openings, are provided for Authorized Channel Partners and Certified Integrators.

Learn more about becoming certified and all of our training courses.

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