Upgrade and Optimize Your Campus Environment with Simple, Scalable Lighting Retrofits

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Wireless lighting control simplifies installation and improves space utilization.

For most college campuses, now is the perfect time to think about lighting control upgrades that create a more efficient, comfortable, productive living and learning environment. Why now? Because college campuses are getting older while technology is getting more and more sophisticated.

Aging buildings open the door to beneficial lighting upgrades

Half of college and university buildings are more than 25 years old, and half of those are more than 50 years old. Beyond building age, the era of the single-use classroom is waning and advanced pedagogies demand learning spaces that can evolve along with this changing educational landscape.

A Pico wireless remote puts control wherever you need it, making your space more user friendly with no additional wires, and no damage to walls. Lighting control helps make a space more dynamic, comfortable, and personal. But putting controls where people most want to use them can
be a challenge, especially in older
or historic buildings. With Vive and a Pico, you can add control wherever it’s needed without a wallbox—or running new wire.

Smart, wireless lighting control systems, designed to provide better data and greater flexibility, can make significant contributions to spaces so they are adaptable, efficient, and ready for the next 25 years. To that end, commercial real estate firm JLL recently identified smarter space utilization and leveraging data for greater efficiencies as two of the top five campus facility trends.

“Campuses are looking for ways to upgrade and optimize mission-critical spaces with systems that offer contemporary design features and actionable data, and solutions that extend the life of these essential buildings,” explains Bill Marushak, Sales Manager, College and University Programs at Lutron Electronics.

Because lighting is perhaps the most universal system in any built space, smart control systems can contribute valuable insights about how buildings are used, when they are occupied, and where simple facility changes can improve building efficiency.

Lighting control that works for a single room or the entire campus

The good news is that best-practice lighting control isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. “Wireless control can be easy to design, install, and maintain even in older buildings,” says Marushak. “Especially in renovation and retrofit projects, wireless solutions offer simple code compliance, flexibility from initial design through installation to the inevitable tweaks and adjustments that make a system truly work for the people in each space.”

You can start small and expand over time, ultimately integrating older spaces, new construction, and even outdoor spaces under a single data and management platform. Enterprise-level software protocols can deliver a simple, consistent user experience from a computer or smart mobile device, making actionable system data easy to access, understand, and present.

Cal State Los Angeles has adopted Vive as its campus standard for new building and retrofits.

To consistently create the right environment for a broad spectrum of users, specify a system that accommodates a wide range of fixture types and control strategies, including occupancy and vacancy sensing, daylight control, scheduling, individual fixture control, and personal control. Look for a manufacturer with online and app-based assets that simplify lighting design and maintenance, can deliver a wide variety of features within the same control family, and help to streamline operations by reducing installation and maintenance time.

A smart approach to advanced lighting control helps put the campus of the future within reach today.

Wireless solutions get an A+ at Cal State Los Angeles

Cal State Los Angeles serves 28,000 students in the heart of Los Angeles. As buildings aged and systems had to be replaced, the school looked for solutions to improve the lighting environment across the campus while also simplifying maintenance and management for their busy facilities team.

Wireless solutions make system design seamless and easy to install. They offer intuitive, app-based setup and monitoring, and provide scalability essential to the constantly evolving nature of the campus. As a result, Cal State Los Angeles has adopted Vive as their campus standard for new building and retrofits.

Electrical Supervisor Emmanuel Free says the system saves time and money while delivering an overall better environment for students and staff. “With the scalable nature of Vive we can have components in stock, ready to support lighting retrofits and routine maintenance faster, and with better results from initial design to system setup,” says Free.

Scheduling and scalability drive retrofits at DeSales University in Pennsylvania

Lighting control helps DeSales University provide students and staff with an environment that makes them comfortable and secure while keeping its energy and maintenance costs under budget.

Tucked into an intimate, beautiful setting in Eastern Pennsylvania, DeSales University has experienced tremendous growth and an expanding national reputation over the last decade. Its facilities—including world-class labs and learning technologies—are also undergoing significant upgrades.

Brother Joseph Schodowski, OSFS, General Maintenance, emphasizes how important it is to be able to tie multiple buildings together under a single software platform, and how lighting is still a major contributor to energy use. “Whether a building is from the 1960s, or a state-of-the-art classroom for training tomorrow’s medical practitioners, lighting control helps us provide students and staff with an environment that makes them comfortable and secure while keeping our energy and maintenance costs under budget,” says Brother Joe. “I value the ability to install flexible control solutions, knowing that as schedules and budgets allow, we can continue to tailor and personalize features, and still keep operational costs in line.”

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