Uponor Investment Further Advances the Plumbing Industry

Uponor Corp. (Uponor) has announced that it will invest an additional $10 million in Phyn, a joint venture between Uponor and Belkin International, bringing its total investment in the company to $25 million. With this second round of funding, Uponor establishes a 50 percent ownership in Phyn, with the other 50 percent owned by Belkin International.

Phyn will use the funding to further accelerate market penetration and scale company operations as it prepares for commercialization in late spring of its debut product Phyn Plus, smart water assistant + shutoff. As a joint-venture company, Phyn will be consolidated into Uponor’s financial accounts using the equity method.

“Uponor is proud of the work that Phyn is doing, and we see potential in the solutions that Phyn is bringing to market,” adds Jyri Luomakoski, president and CEO, Uponor Corp. “Our additional investment represents our commitment to the shared vision for the future of intelligent water systems.”

Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn, says, “It comes at a pivotal time for our company and allows us to grow our team further as we continue to dedicate our efforts to solving some of the challenges facing water, so that we not only protect our homes, but also become better stewards of water, a precious natural resource.”

Phyn Plus is an intelligent water monitor that attaches to the main water line of homes. Through a combination of high-definition pressure sensing and machine learning, Phyn Plus detects leaks and plumbing issues and can automatically shut off the main water supply when needed to prevent costly damage. Phyn Plus will be available for purchase in the U.S., starting late spring, exclusively through the Uponor Pro Squad, a nationwide network of trained plumbers and water specialists.

“Our objective with the joint venture has always been to help progress our business and the plumbing industry into the digital era with ways to use water more intelligently,” says Bill Gray, president, Uponor North America. “That focus remains the same today, with this additional investment underlining both our belief in this partnership and our commitment to being innovation leaders in this space for years to come.”

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