Uponor Partners With UNIFI Labs for a BIM Content Solution

Uponor North America (Uponor) has announced a partnership with UNIFI Labs that makes its Autodesk Revit content library available to global architectural firms, engineering firms, contractors and operators (AECO) via UNIFI Connect, a cloud-based portal for BIM content.

Directly tied to the UNIFI BIM content management software used by leading AECO firms across the world, UNIFI Connect provides a secure workflow for designers to access and insert building product manufacturer content directly into Autodesk Revit models. Designers can browse content from their internal, firm-based libraries alongside content from Uponor when searching for Revit content to place in their projects.

“UNIFI Connect enables us to collaborate with our customers and also improves usability for designers and engineers,” Mike Rivers, sr. manager of design services at Uponor.

All content hosted on the UNIFI Connect portal has undergone the UNIFI quality-control process, providing assurance to design firms that the content will perform appropriately in a project environment. UNIFI Connect also helps to facilitate collaboration and data exchange between manufacturers and designers through the utilization of content that is accessed in real time.

For example, rather than downloading content in an isolated way that leads to a disconnect between the content provider and the content user, UNIFI Connect allows designers to access content through administrator-approved manufacturer channels. In doing so, when manufacturers make updates to their content library, it alerts library administrators to these changes, including models that may exist in live projects, so they can make any updates necessary within their projects or firm-based libraries.

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