USG Corp. Introduces a Two-Hour Fire-Rated Floor, Ceiling Assembly

USG Corp. has introduced UL Design H501, a two-hour fire-rated floor/ceiling assembly for permanent modular construction. The UL Design H501 uses USG Structural Panels instead of poured concrete.

After identifying the types of challenges designers of noncombustible permanent modular buildings are presented with, USG Structural Solutions is delivering a system that evolves traditional practices; reduces construction time; lightens module weight; and offers design flexibility without compromising safety or local building codes.

“USG remains committed to providing customers ways to build. By developing the UL H501 system, we’re offering design flexibility that makes an impact on reducing costs and shortening construction schedules,” says Jose Estrada, product marketing manager, Structural Solutions, USG Corp. “We’re confident that with this system, and any product in our Structural Solutions portfolio, our customers will see a difference—even giving them an extra floor to work with when needed.”

Use of poured concrete slabs for noncombustible permanent modular assemblies means that interior space is often sacrificed, and because concrete requires time to cure, production lines are slowed and can come to a halt.

The UL Design H501 has a minimum total system thickness of 12 5/8-inches. This allows room for more interior ceiling space of the modules or more floors on a building that’s limited to an overall height, without sacrificing floor/ceiling fire-resistance.

Additional Advantages of the UL Design H501 Modular Floor/Ceiling Assembly:

  • Unrestrained assembly allows for more open spaces
  • Floor coverings and underlayments, while not part of the fire-resistance rating, are required for day-to-day use
  • Primary structural elements (columns and beams) are part of the fire resistance design without the need for individual protection

Additional Benefits of USG Structural Panels:

  • Less weight than poured concrete
  • No pouring, setting or curing
  • An alternative to poured concrete slabs for noncombustible permanent modular assemblies meeting ASTM E136-12
  • Nonrotting, mold-, moisture- and termite-resistaComply with VOC Emission requirements of California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.1, 2010 (Emission testing method for CA Specification 01350)

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