UVC Germicidal Lighting Inactivates Airborne Viruses

Hubbell Lighting announced it has launched a series of ultraviolet (UVC) germicidal lighting solutions for the commercial lighting marketplace.

SpectraClean 254 is a UVC germicidal lighting solution that targets the inactivation of airborne viruses.
SpectraClean 254 is a UVC germicidal lighting solution that targets the inactivation of airborne viruses.

SpectraClean 254 is an expansion of Hubbell Lighting’s SpectraClean portfolio, which launched in 2019 with 405 nanometer (nm) solutions. The portfolio features a series of luminaires that leverage developments in the disciplines of lighting science and microbiology to combine white and ultraviolet 254 nm light to meet ambient and task lighting requirements while providing a continuous, unobtrusive disinfection option for commercial applications.

SpectraClean 254 targets the inactivation of airborne viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and influenza, with UVC lighting.

Advantages of SpectraClean 254

The introduction of SpectraClean 254 provides the commercial marketplace with the option for direct disinfection or ambient LED illumination for upper room disinfection. Facility owners and managers now have an option to ensure rooms and open areas benefit from the combination of necessary illumination with effective disinfection technology. Both are presented in the ideal luminaire for the application, which integrates into the commercial environment as intended by the lighting design.

SpectraClean 254 has been designed to provide sequenced environmental disinfection. Its effectiveness can be adjusted by increasing the dosage time, delivered power or reducing the distance between the source and the pathogen.

The Upper Air Disinfection Advantage

Upper air disinfection luminaires create a germicidal zone away from occupants and sensitive materials. Standard building climate control systems move airborne pathogens from the lower part of a room into this germicidal zone. The pathogen inactivation occurs through the cumulative exposure to UVC over time and each exposure cycle inactivates pathogens until the concentration in the room is effectively diluted.

How It Works

SpectraClean 254 inactivates pathogens, rendering them unable to infect while providing uniform illumination for commercial interiors. While SpectraClean 405 nm is effective on bacteria, mold, spores and fungus, it is unable to penetrate a virus. SpectraClean 254 improves upon legacy 405 nm technology by penetrating a virus and breaking down its DNA/RNA structure.

Hubbell Lighting is integrating SpectraClean 254 technology into some of the pendant and wall mount fixtures from Litecontrol and Columbia Lighting.

The SpectraClean luminaires are compatible with most standard control devices and require no special equipment, knowledge, or skill for an electrical contractor to install. The NX FX Room Controller is used for basic schedule control of dosing cycles and optional input devices include the OMNI Ceiling Sensor and NX Specialty Switches.

View the product webpage to identify a SpectraClean solution ideal for your facility.

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