Ventco Inc. Releases Its Technical Catalog, Updates Website

Ventco Inc. has published its “2018 Technical Catalog” and made it available for download on a revamped website.

“We’re excited about our website and being able to offer our technical catalog as a download there,” says Marty Rotter, owner of Ventco. “If you have a question about the compatibility of ProfileVent with 47 metal roofing panels or how to install ProfileVent, the information is available in the technical catalog.”

The catalog and other Ventco brochures can be downloaded here.

The 54-page catalog, which can be downloaded and printed, also includes information on Hip&RidgeVent, Contractors’ Choice, The RidgeVent and Mongoose ridge vent for asphalt, slate and cedar shingle roofs. The catalog features testing information and proper installation instructions for all Ventco products.

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