Versatex and GreenSky Form Sponsorship Agreement to Help Customers Set up Affordable Payment Plans

For contractors who install VERSATEX premium PVC products, closing the sale with the homeowner just got a whole lot easier. Thanks to a new sponsorship agreement between GreenSky Trade Credit LLC and Versatex Building Products LLC, renovators and builders can help customers set up affordable payment plans in seconds through GreenSky’s mobile app.

“Our contractors want to help customers finance their dream projects, so we found a simple, low-risk solution,” says Rick Kapres, Versatex’s vice president for sales and marketing. “Paperless loan-application apps that make same-day financing possible are a proven technology. And by working with the GreenSky Program, contractors who install VERSATEX products can get easier access to flexible payment terms and high approval rates for their customers.”

GreenSky, a financial technology company, helps businesses drive sales with a fast, paperless, mobile-friendly platform that enables point-of-sale payment and credit programs.

“This will eliminate one of the major breaks in the selling process,” Kapres adds. “While the excitement is running high, your customer can apply via the mobile app, or by phone, or online. In a few seconds, the system comes back with a credit decision.

“If it’s a go, the homeowner gets a GreenSky Program loan agreement and Shopping Pass account on the spot. There’s no long loan-application delay to dampen the enthusiasm. You can accept that account number just as you would a credit card, and get right to work.”

“As a national GreenSky program sponsor, Versatex joins other industry leaders in offering builders the added value of easy home-improvement financing,” says Versatex President and CEO John Pace. “Contractors can close more sales, and pocket as much as 50 percent of the project cost up front.” GreenSky offers deferred interest programs that have no payments due for 12 months and give borrowers the opportunity to avoid paying any interest on the loan. “You get to offer your customers a greater range of options,” he says. “And improve your cash flow at the same time.”

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