Viega Adds to Its Building Information Modeling Library

Through a partnership with Thomas Publishing Co., Viega LLC is adding to its BIM (building information modeling) library of multi-format models. Partnering with Thomas, a data, platform and technology company, enables Viega to provide its customers with design flexibility and allows specifying, designing and estimating of the company’s products.

The BIM content allows customers to configure Viega products in their specifications on any given project, enabling the output to be customized to a specific product on a selected platform. The additional BIM models are part of its ongoing commitment to address the needs of Viega design and fabrication contractors.

“By partnering with Thomas Publishing, we can provide architects, engineers and contracting professionals with current data in a variety of BIM formats that offer a way to include Viega solutions in the early stages of a commercial building project,” says Jason McKinnon, director of technical services, Viega. “Customers can generate and download drawings and insert them into their designs to ensure accuracy of recent product offerings.”

Professionals who visit the site can access hundreds of Viega products in more than 25 platforms including Revit, AutoCAD and AutoCADmep. Viega product lines that are currently available for downloading include Viega MegaPress; Viega MegaPress G; Viega MegaPress Stainless 304 and 316; Viega MegaPress CuNi; Viega ProPress; Viega ProPress G; Viega PureFlow System; Viega MiniBloc and Viega ManaBloc; Viega ProRadiant Stainless Manifolds and Manifold Cabinets; and Viega Eco Plus urinal, sink and water closet carriers.

Files can be accessed here.

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