Viega and Avitru Partnership Delivers a Process for Specifying Building Design Solutions

Through a partnership between Viega LLC and Avitru, the companies deliver a streamlined process for specifying Viega solutions in the architecture and building design industry.

Developed by Avitru, MasterSpec is a specification system that provides manufacturer and product information for thousands of products specified. It allows architects, engineers and contractors to access a list of building product manufacturers related to the specification details they are working on.

Viega product systems and solutions are included in the MasterSpec program, allowing design specifiers to create project specs featuring Viega solutions.

“Our partnership with Avitru helps our customers include Viega products and solutions in their building specifications via MasterSpec,” says Jason McKinnon, director of technical services, Viega. “Instead of manually writing the specification language, users download it into their project specifications, easing specification creation, research, editing and formatting. Providing the MasterSpec service is one of several Viega initiatives to enhance our services for design professionals as they select and specify products.”

The two companies work together to ensure that design specifiers have access to recent specifications and the corresponding Viega solutions.

The Viega Technical Services Department offers training, technical support and design services for nearly any type of plumbing, radiant and fire protection project. Viega also offers solutions such as LoopCAD, a radiant design and drawing software preloaded with Viega components and installation methods, as well as apps which provide supplemental readings and estimators.

For more information and to access the Viega MasterSpec resource, visit online.

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