Virtual Security Showcase Expands Line Up of Security Providers

Virtual Security Showcase, an online security industry technology experience, returns for its second event with an expanded lineup of security manufacturers and service providers. From Nov. 10 to 12, 19 leaders in the security industry will present their latest insights and solutions during the online event. 

Attendees will benefit from the open flow of information on the latest technologies, solutions and strategies for professional security and business intelligence without incurring any travel or registration costs, and without exposing themselves, their coworkers, or their families to the risk of contagious illnesses. 

Participating companies represent a range of security-related disciplines, including video surveillance, intelligent analytics, biometrics, access control, power and data transmission, automation, edge devices, system management software platforms, key management, health screening, and more. 

Each presentation in the Virtual Security Showcase will run 30 minutes, followed by a live Q&A session. Attendees can register for one or all of the sessions.  

Read a complete list of presenters, topics and session schedules, and to register. 

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