VRF System Enhancement Improves Energy Efficiency

The Multi V 5 with LGRED° is a year-round VRF solution.

The Multi V 5 with LGRED° is a year-round VRF solution.

LG Electronics has unveiled an enhancement of its flagship Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, the Multi V 5, now standard with the LGRED° (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) heat technology. The Multi V 5 with LGRED° is a year-round VRF solution.

Available in a range of capacities including the 20-ton single frame, the Multi V 5 is replete with features that provide energy efficiency without sacrificing occupant comfort. Upgraded for 2019, the Multi V 5 boasts an expanded operating range to work in ambient conditions down to -22 F making it a solution for all climates, thanks to the LGRED° heating technology.

The Multi V 5 also comes with LG features such as Advanced Smart Load Control and Comfort Cooling intelligence which measure ambient air humidity and temperature to monitor changing weather conditions in real-time, adjusting operation before the change has an opportunity to impact indoor comfort. Smart Heating works by extending the VRF system’s heating run-hours between defrost cycles by monitoring the building’s heating load, calculating the outdoor air dew point temperature and when possible raises the outdoor coil surface temperature delaying frost formation on the outdoor unit coil contributing to additional energy savings.

For building owners, architects, engineers and developers, the LG Multi V 5 provides savings and flexibility by offering additional capacity and performance in a single chassis, with a 43 percent smaller average footprint and 39 percent lighter total weight over the Multi V IV. Not only will the design result in fewer costs devoted to structural reinforcements, but the design will also contribute to reductions in electrical costs for power distribution. And when coupled with the redesigned heat recovery units and the AHU Conversion Kit, there’s more system design flexibility with the Multi V 5.

Additional information on the complete portfolio of LG’s air conditioning systems can be found here.

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