Wall System Offers Panel Ventilation and Allows Movement

Spec-Rite Designs' Gecko PRO lineSpec-Rite Designs' Gecko PRO line

Spec-Rite Designs' Gecko PRO line

Spec-Rite Designs’ Gecko PRO line

Spec-Rite Designs, a global distributor, fabricator and designer of phenolic furnishings, announces the launch of the new Gecko PRO line. Gecko PRO is the first progressive wall system of its kind to ever be offered in the industry. Spec-Rite Designs is the exclusive U.S. distributor and fabricator of Gecko Wall System products.

Gecko PRO is a revolutionary, unique perimeter rail system that offers the appearance and functionality of traditional progressive wall systems while reducing labor costs by more than 40 percent. Gecko PRO system was designed for more intuitive installation. Shipped pre-milled by Spec-Rite Designs, the panels are fully sized, pre-machined, require no Z-clips, and no panel drilling, no installation machinery, or specialized skills. The reveals are adjustable by Spec-Rite Designs and the panels are ready to be quickly installed by dropping into place.

Gecko PRO is the only progressive wall system in the industry to offer panel ventilation, realistic movement allowance and separate expansion and contraction of each panel without stress accumulation from panel to panel. Gecko PRO is an architectural grade progressive interior wall panel mounting system designed for use with 1/4″ – 3/8″ thick solid phenolic panels. Gecko PRO is fabricated from 70% reclaimed aluminum extrusions and made in the USA.

Spec-Rite Designs’ solid phenolic panels used in the Gecko PRO system are non-porous and non-microbial which prohibit the growth of bacteria, microbes, and mold, are GREENGUARD certified, and contribute to LEED certification. The solid phenolic panels are also water, impact, scratch, and graffiti resistant.

Gecko Wall System products can be fabricated in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Available in hundreds of colors, patterns and wood grains, logos or text can be routered into the surface using our precise CNC technology.


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