Wasco Products Appoints Harvard to Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Wasco Products Inc. has announced the appointment of Sara Havard to vice president of sales & marketing. Sara has been with Wasco for 13 years. As the company’s chief operating officer, she has been instrumental in maximizing Wasco’s capacity, product offerings, and services, leading Wasco to doubled sales growth in six years. Havard’s primary initiatives will be growing the architectural community and specialty daylighting professionals while supporting the national sales teams.

“With increased capacity, innovation and national distribution in place, we are eager to have Sara turn her talents and attention towards growing sales and brand awareness across the U.S.,” says Jeff Frank, CEO Wasco Products.

Sara’s roles and responsibilities have included improving manufacturing efficiencies and expanding infrastructure. To that end, she oversaw the opening of Wasco’s Reno, Nev., manufacturing facility in 2015 which opened the Western U.S. market. Havard also played a role in the relocation of Wasco headquarters to the Wells, Maine, facility in 2010, signifying the corporation’s commitment to manufacturing improvements as well as its commitment to the State of Maine.

During Sara’s tenure managing operations, product launches included Wasco’s Horizon multiwall polycarbonate systems, Parans fiber-optic daylighting and Onyx Solar integrated photovoltaic glass. Equally important, Sara was responsible for integrating customer service and engineering teams who provide Wasco’s clients and their design-build teams with support.

“Wasco is confident with Havard’s full attention focused on sales and marketing, Wasco’s national sales will soon experience growth,” concludes Frank.

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