Wattstopper Product Family Certified through ioXt Alliance Certification Program

Legrand has announced that the Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) product family of networked lighting control systems is now certified through the ioXt Alliance Certification Program. As the most comprehensive cybersecurity certification available, the evaluation positions the Wattstopper DLM networked lighting control solution to meet DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Networked Lighting Control System Technical Requirements (Version 5), also known as NLC5.

As the first commercial lighting control manufacturer to join the alliance, Legrand has been at the forefront of defining security standards — investing in the technology and third-party testing for the Wattstopper DLM product family to ensure its compliance with ioXt standards. Over 200 leading OEMs, wireless carriers, standards groups, compliance labs, and government organizations have joined Legrand in the ioXt Alliance, including top names like Facebook, Amazon, and Google.

“Our customers can be confident that Wattstopper connected devices are now backed by the ioXt cybersecurity standard, while still boasting ease of design, installation, and operation,” says Tom Lowery, president of Building Control Systems Division of Legrand. “Security by Design is a core pillar of the Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management product line and we are proud our efforts meet or exceed ioXt SmartCert.”

With the commercial lighting industry’s increased demand for secured products, the ioXt Certification Program evaluates a device against eight different ioXt pledge principles with clear guidelines for quantifying the required level of security needed for a specific device within a product category. Evaluations against the ioXt pledge are completed by the manufacturer or through the ioXt Alliance Authorized Labs.

Through Legrand’s comprehensive and structured approach to device security, the brand will continue to lead by example, building further confidence in their partners and customers by providing the most secure wireless lighting systems on the market. The company is also participating in monthly educational events, hosted by the ioXt Alliance, such as webinars and panels that are open to all commercial lighting professionals to learn more about cybersecurity.

A complete list of the current Wattstopper DLM products with the ioXt SmartCert is available on the ioXt website.

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