Website Redesigns Navigation, Layout and Color Scheme

Flex-Ability Concepts has launched a new website. This is a new site by layout, color scheme and navigation. The greatest change for the website is how it looks on cellphones and tablets; the redesign focuses on navigation with hand-held devices.

“We wanted to eliminate any issues when getting information on our website from a cellphone,” says Robert Widmer, marketing manager of Flex-Ability Concepts. “This is a mobile and fast-paced world, and our website needed a reboot to keep up with everyone at jobsites.”

The same content is available online, but it all has been reorganized and condensed so it is easier to find. Support Tools is a new header that hosts LEED information and other literature, technical information, the arch length calculator, diagrams and equations, graph paper, a radius layout template and galleries of past installs. BIM and CEU information has been added in one spot, and press releases and media-related news has a new home. The press release section will be updated regularly to keep customers informed about news and how contractors use the products. It’s a great place for design inspiration too!

A video gallery has been added for those who are visual learners and would like more ideas. All of the downloadable product-related information is in the Products section. There is a number of ways to reach Flex-Ability Concepts, from its Contact Us page, social media buttons and the new SMS texting option. That’s right, anyone with a quick question or comment can now send a text. Links to its distributor locations and product representative information are on the homepage. All of these changes and others are formatted in a visually appealing layout with its blue and yellow corporate colors.

“We say right on our website that our business is to make framing jobs faster, easier and more accurate by giving customers the right products. Our website is an extension of that, and we hope these changes streamline product research and getting to know all that we do at Flex-Ability Concepts,” Widmer says. Read for more information about Flex-Ability Concepts and its products for commercial and residential applications.

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