Webstone Expands Its Offering of Pex Connections

Webstone, a brand of NIBCO, has announced 40 new SKUs with F1960 or F1807 PEX connections. All products include Thermostatic Mixing Valves; Press x PEX transitional ball valves; the Webstone exclusive Isolator uni-flange ball valves; Isolator E-X-P tankless water heater valves; and Pro-Pal Ball Drain.

Founded in 1954, Webstone now operates as a brand of NIBCO and is recognized for its design of residential and commercial valves used in plumbing, hydronic, radiant, solar and geothermal applications. These designs focus on time and space saving concepts that simplify future maintenance and upkeep of piping systems. Some of the Webstone trademarked and patented items include Hydro-Core; The Isolator; Isolator EXP Pro-Connect; and Pro-Pal step-saving valves.

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