Which LED Light Relaunches Website to Facilitate Buying, Comparing and Learning about LEDs

Which LED Light invites customers everywhere to find and compare LED lighting solutions using its relaunched website. With a cutting-edge user experience, the new site is designed to make finding the right LED light a quick and simple process and to help customers find the best prices online.

Which LED Light is the first comparison engine for LED lighting, offering free and impartial LED light education and comparisons for users. The site includes an LED bulb finder for those who are unsure which product they need, with simplified summaries of product features in the results for easy comparison. For those who don’t even know where to start, the education section contains information dedicated to explaining the terminology and options associated with LED lighting technology.

Users who know exactly which product they need can jump straight to product pages, where they can filter results by feature and compare the best prices online.

The company lists products from major and minor manufacturers and are actively adding more products to their already extensive database. Users can compare prices impartially online and make a purchase through the platform from listed merchants.

James Nelson, director of Which LED Light, says: “This is an exciting time for Which LED Light, the lighting industry, and consumers. It’s easy to save a lot of money with LED lighting, though a lack of awareness about different products can lead to customers not getting the full benefits. We are here to stop that from happening.”

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