Window and Door Manufacturer Receives Quiet Mark Certification for Noise Reduction

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from health issues like heart disease, disturbed sleep, increased blood pressure, hearing loss and more because of noise exposure. Thanks to Quiet Mark, the international award program recognizes excellence in low-noise products, technology and solutions to unwanted noise so consumers can identify quieter products. 

One of those products is the Pella Lifestyle Series triple-pane wood window with optional sound package, which was awarded the certification for noise reduction. With this recognition, Pella joins other global brands including Electrolux, Dyson, Mitsubishi Electric, Logitech and Whirlpool who have achieved awards for their quieter products.

“Loud, persistent noises can have a significant effect on mental health and a person’s wellbeing. Through innovation and product design, we’ve developed a wood window that reduces sound by 52 percent when compared to single pane windows – meaning homeowners no longer have to worry about sounds like their neighbor’s barking dog or the Saturday morning lawn mower interrupting their home life,” says Matt Kiernan, general manager, wood division, Pella Corp. 

Quiet Mark encourages companies worldwide to prioritize noise reduction within the design of everyday products, machines and appliances, and building materials providing consumers with a trusted mark of approval to help inform purchase decisions.

“Consumers care about the amount of noise they are exposed to – be it from their vacuum cleaner or their next-door neighbor. When quieter products or noise reduction solutions are identified for them, by our Quiet Mark label, it makes purchase decisions easier, transforming our homes and living spaces,” says Poppy Szkiler, founder and CEO of Quiet Mark.

Quiet Mark’s proprietary testing program is carried out at facilities located in the UK and U.S., manned by expert acousticians specializing in over 50 product categories. The acoustics assessments in these labs are designed to represent real-life scenarios, in which the products being tested would typically be used. State-of-the-art, calibrated instrumentation is used to record the sounds as they would be received by the human ear. Using this method, the company has awarded over 500 different products from quiet washing machines and vacuum cleaners, to forklift trucks, and house build materials including doors and windows.

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