Winter Color Palette Can Be Used Year-round

With winter quickly approaching, the color experts at Royal Building Products have created a 2020-2021 Winter Color Palette. Influenced by nature, these colors, although evocative of winter, can be used year-round.

Royal Building Products creates a 2020-2021 Winter Color Palette.
Royal Building Products creates a 2020-2021 Winter Color Palette.

Oceana + Chestnut

While blue is trending for building exteriors, it can feel like a bold choice for some. Pairing blue and brown together can balance the blue and create a color palette that feels almost neutral at first glance. But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Oceana is a blue that feels wintery and charming, particularly when paired with a brown like Chestnut. Both colors are available in Celect siding.

Ironstone + Redwood

Cozy and homey, the Ironstone + Redwood palette hints at all the best things about winter without screaming, “Happy Holidays,” twelve months out of the year. Pairing Redwood with a dark gray like Ironstone creates a color combination that still plays off of the trending grays we’re seeing on home exteriors across the country. Ironstone and Redwood are both available in the Royal Vinyl siding line.

Greystone + Olive

Dark greens like Olive are a great way to evoke the beauty of nature in the exterior of a building. When paired with Greystone it brings to mind nostalgic images of sparkly pine trees. Color psychology hypothesizes that green has a calming effect, most likely because of its association with nature. By incorporating it into the exterior of a building, you can set a tone of peace and calm for everyone who visits. Both Olive and Greystone are available in Exterior Portfolio siding.

Aspen White + Polaris

All-white siding has been trending for a while now, so why not switch things up and add a pop of color to a white exterior? Blue and white, a classic combination, also evoke the calm of a clear sky and fallen snow. By pairing Aspen White with Polaris you’ll create contrast and draw the eyes of passers by. Both colors are available in Exterior Portfolio siding.

Marine Blue + Storm

If you like cozy winter nights and want to bring that feeling into your building, you’ll love Marine Blue paired with Storm. Marine Blue brings out the blue undertones in Storm, tying together the whole design of your home’s exterior. With grays and blues trending in home design, you can’t go wrong pairing these two popular colors together! Both Marine Blue and Storm are available in Royal Vinyl siding.

Sand + Granite

Lighter siding colors can bring a serene simplicity to a home, just like a dusting of snow. Pair Sand with Granite, a dark gray with warm undertones, for a straightforward contrast. Both Sand and Granite are available in Royal Vinyl siding.

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