Wireless Detection Technology Protects Valuables from Plumbing Leaks

Homeowners across the country were introduced to technology to protect against undetected plumbing leaks as “Ask This Old House” featured the wireless RS-360 system from Reliance Detection Technologies (RDT).

It takes just minutes for leaking water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers, or burst pipes, to inflict water damage on a property. If a home or business is unattended or a leak goes otherwise undetected, water can continue to pour in and cause damage. In episode number 1603 of “Ask This Old House,” plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey discussed the protection offered by the RDT RS-360 with host Kevin O’Connor, demonstrating how the smart valve automatically shuts off the main water supply within seconds of water being detected by a wireless sensor; keeping potential water damage to a minimum and alerting the property owner that there is a problem.

Watch the segment on YouTube.

The RS-360 offers an additional level of protection as its sensors also detect near-freezing temperatures that could cause pipes to burst. When a leak or low temperature is detected, the system shuts off the water supply, sounds an alarm and sends a signal to a building automation, security or smart home system. For more information on the RS-360, please visit the website.

RDT delivers a selection of water leak alarm and automatic shut-off systems, with solutions for every type of building, space and budget.

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