WiZ Launches OEM Partnership Program for Smart Lighting Technology

Following the presentation of its WiZ Pro range for professional users, WiZ has launched its WiZ Connected OEM partnership program, unveiling dozens of WiZ Connected smart lights implementations already performed by brands such as Brilliant; Fischer & Honsel; iDual; Lutec; Trio and more.

By integrating the WiZ Connected Controller into their LED driver, WiZ OEM partners can now offer to their customers, for the lifetime of the WiZ Connected products, full access to the WiZ world class Android/iOS WiZ App and WiZ Pro App, automatic firmware updates, secure and interoperable cloud services as well as the WiZ end user support in six languages.

With WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth Low Energy capability, the WiZ smart light technology allows independent internet connectivity for each light using routers that are already installed for residential and commercial internet access. It is integrated to cloud web services for interoperability and scalability together with multi-user capability. Furthermore, all the WiZ technology based lights from any partner can now be operated through voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Home and, later this year, Apple Home kit.

“Our OEM partnership program aims at fast tracking manufacturers to full IoT capability at an affordable price”, says Francois Aubaniac, EMEA director for WiZ. All WiZ technology enabled luminaires are interoperable with each other and with all WiZ branded products already available online and in stores in Europe and the U.S., we are building an open ecosystem which will provide a choice of luminaires to consumers and professionals“.

Already integrated partners:

  • Brilliant: Brilliant offers a range of indoor and outdoor luminaires for residential areas and gardens. For more than 65 years, the company attaches importance to the market-oriented creation of modern and innovative lighting designs. Together with its partners, Brilliant has a portfolio of approximately 8,000 different luminaires.
  • Fischer & Honsel: Both companies merged in 2016 and are among the lighting manufacturers in Europe. Characterised by design elements such as aluminium and frames, the collection provides a range from decorative lighting to technical track systems. The modular system m6 enables customers to create their individual style.
  • iDual: iDual is a product line of the TAO Group, which was founded in 2004. iDual is a plug, point and play system that allows users to create the ideal lighting scenario for every situation. The iDual range of over 80 remote controlled lights and bulbs is extensive and includes all types of bulbs for both indoor and outdoor.
  • LUTEC: This Asian company has its roots in 1996, but was launched as an independent brand in 2010 with a focus on architectural LED lighting. Since then, SUTEC has expanded its portfolio under the slogan Connected by Lighting.
  • Trio: Trio Leuchten GmbH was founded more than 20 years ago and is a supplier of decorative living room lighting in Europe. The constant orientation to the trend of the times, the flair for modern design and dialogue with customers help Trio to realize contemporary lighting ideas that are convincing both in terms of quality and price.

“With such these players already on board and many more joining every month, the industry is telling us we are fulfilling a need by providing affordable smart lighting technology suited to every need, whether for a residence or a 500 room hotel”, summarizes Francois Aubaniac. “With more than 40 OEM partners across the world to date and more than 200 expected by year end, our technology is spreading!”

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