Zurn Industries Launches Cash Reward Program for Contractors

Zurn Industries launches a reward program, “Earn with Zurn.”Zurn Industries launches a reward program, “Earn with Zurn.”

Zurn Industries launches a reward program, “Earn with Zurn.”

Zurn Industries launches a reward program, “Earn with Zurn.”

Zurn Industries LLC launches an easy-to-use reward program, “Earn with Zurn,” that allows contractors to earn cash rewards for purchasing eligible products during the period of July 1 to Oct. 31, 2015.

“As we celebrate 115 years of innovation, we want to reward those that help Zurn,” says Sean Martin, Zurn vice president North America sales. “Contractors are encouraged to visit their local distributor as soon as possible because the more you buy, the more you earn.”

Eligible products include:

  • Zurn ZTR Sensor Flush Valve suite for water closets and urinals is performance engineered with sensor activation and piston operation. The ZTR is equipped with chloramine-resistant internal seals, which reduce maintenance costs. Matched with Zurn fixtures, the paired performance delivers a repeatable flushing system with unsurpassed water savings. The complete suite includes the long-life option with an extended 10-year battery life for optimal savings.
  • Zurn EZCarry High Performance Carrier System, hydraulically-optimized design from water supply to waste line—achieves excellent line carry performance. The IAPMO listed family of carriers is designed to propel waste up to three times farther than any carrier before it, making this a solution to low-flow concerns. This carrier also meets OSHA one-man carry recommendations at 30 percent lighter, while combining labor-saving features and 500-pound loading capabilities.
  • Zurn Aqua-FIT Modular Sensor Faucet, a sophisticated sensor faucet appealing to any commercial environment offers new patent-pending Flexible Installation Technology, making retrofit upgrades simple and cost effective. With just one simple tool, you can replace the faucet spout or change to a completely new design without having to work below the deck.
  • Zurn Light Commercial Modular Drainage System offers a patent-pending rough-in cover to facilitate post pour height adjustment and strainer alignment, and proper drain installation, reducing the potential for vandalism. Innovative snap-on frame and adapter provide ease of assembly and versatility with 31 interchangeable tops. Choose from floor drains, cleanouts and roof drains for a complete drainage solution.

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