Zurn Attends World Summit on Water Sustainability

Zurn Industries LLC attended a world summit on water sustainability at the United Nations. A White House report recognizing Zurns water efficiency prompted the invitation.

The U.N. Global Impact Leaders Summit took place June 22 and 23.

“This is another opportunity for Zurn to stay on top of water sustainability developments and, at the same time, lend its leadership and expertise to increase efficiency for businesses and governments across the board ,” says Aline Daniel, director of sustainability at Zurn. Daniel and Kevin Gannon, product manager, finish plumbing, are both attending.

Zurn was the only company in the plumbing products category to be included in the White House report, issued in March 2016. Zurn joined a long list of other institutions representing a broad spectrum of government agencies, technological and environmental institutes, universities, alliances, networks and other water-conservation entities.

The report, titled “Commitments to Action on Building a Sustainable Water Future,” acknowledges Zurn’s ongoing plan of action:
Zurn Industries LLC will provide water-efficiency training to 1,000 municipal agencies and utilities as well as 10,000 building owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. The training will be focused on reducing water use through water-efficient products and practices with the goal of saving 114 billion gallons of water over the next decade.

To read the entire White House report, visit http://www.zurn.com/standupfortheearth

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