Zurn Releases Two Water Safety and Sanitation Continuing-education Courses

Zurn Industries LLC has launched two new continuing education (CEU) courses for architects that address water safety and sanitation–bringing the total roster of recent Zurn learning units to six.

The new Zurn CEUs are available in streaming HD video via The Continuing Architect (TCA). They are a part of a series of eight courses scheduled for release on TCA by the end of 2014.

The two new Zurn courses are:

  • “Potable Water Safety Through Backflow Prevention” outlines the various options to prevent backflow contamination caused by backsiphonage or backpressure. Only one percent of the world’s water supply is potable and in liquid form (as opposed to frozen water trapped in glaciers and polar caps).
  • “Creating a Sanitary Water Environment” explains how sanitation can be achieved at the beginning of a building’s life through the building’s design. When a building’s water system is viewed holistically, it becomes apparent that there are many possible points of contamination that can be avoided through design considerations.

“Although sustainability remains a top priority for Zurn, we have broadened our area of focus with our new Zurn AIA-approved continuing education courses” says Christine Verdecchia, director of Communications for Zurn. “In these two new CEUs, Zurn now turns the focus to water safety and sanitation, a growing concern for architects, engineers, and others in the building and water solutions fields. Zurn believes in the importance of delivering world-class education to our specifying customers.”

The links to all of the Zurn CEUs launched thus far are:

Successful completion of each course qualifies an architect for one CES HSW LU credit with the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

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