6 Millimeter Slab Provides Versatile Design Options

Cambria has launched its quartz in a 6 millimeter slab profile fit for both commercial and residential applications. Six-millimeter thickness retains the elegance and performance of Cambria quartz surfaces with added functional advantages, more versatility in design options, and is a complement to its 1-, 2-, and 3-centimeter slab offerings.

Cambria launches its quartz in a 6 millimeter slab profile, adding versatility in design options.
Cambria launches its quartz in a 6 millimeter slab profile, adding versatility in design options.

The 6 millimeter slabs solve a need for commercial clients—in industries like healthcare, furniture, and luxury transportation like yachting and aviation—who routinely encounter weight-sensitivities in projects, as well as for residential clients looking for cladding options on fireplaces, backsplashes, and shower and tub surrounds, or for an answer to unique applications like cabinet veneering and backlighting. Now Cambria will be able to offer its aesthetic, service, and performance even when there is a need for a lightweight and thin solution.

The 6 millimeter slabs (which are the thickness equivalent of three stacked nickels) will launch in 10 designs in two finishes—Cambria Matte and high gloss—both of which deliver optimal performance and are backed by the Cambria transferable Full Lifetime Warranty. The 10 available designs are White Cliff, Whitehall, Swanbridge, Ella, Portrush, Brittanicca Warm, Skara Brae, Carrick, Buxton, and Blackpool Matte. 

The 6 millimeter release enters the market at a time when demand is increasing for thin countertops and special vertical cladding opportunities like walls, overhead applications, shower and tub surrounds, and elevators. The Cambria team works hand in hand with its partners to ensure a seamless fabrication and installation process with customized consultation and SOPs available for all applications.   

The 6 millimeter slab product works with mitered or reverse mitered edge profiles only, or Z profiles for any exposed edges. 

In addition, multiple Cambria designs can be backlit and thermoformed (heated to a pliable forming temperature and formed to a specific shape) at a thickness of 6 millimeters in commercial and residential settings. 

Cambria quartz surfaces feature strength and are crafted from natural materials. They combine both design and durability, are nonabsorbent, can be safely disinfected, are scratch and stain resistant, and are maintenance free.

Cambria is responsibly mined with every quarry site fully restored after quartz extraction, and the company recycles 100 percent of its water used in manufacturing and fabrication, saving an estimated 1.6 billion gallons annually. Cambria is Declare certified, is certified NSF-51 safe for use as a food preparation surface, and has achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification for low VOC emissions. 

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