A Lighting Retrofit Should Be First on Your List

When deciding to update your building, the endless options for renovation can be overwhelming; however, one retrofit option shines bright: lighting.

All retrofit projects are worth doing, and they will all eventually save you money and lessen your environmental impact. Lighting retrofits are relatively straightforward, inexpensive and non-disruptive—and still offer significant return on investment. LED lighting can dramatically improve the quality of the work environment, enhance the sustainability of your company’s operations and do so while delivering a 400 percent ROI.

LED lighting will reduce cooling loads (because LEDs are cool to the touch and don’t produce infrared radiation), ensuring that you get the most out of your retrofit projects. Once installed, LED lighting can reduce your energy consumption by up to 90 percent. Furthermore, most states have incentivized energy improvements through loan, rebate or tax programs that ensure even more savings on your lighting retrofit.

LEDs are low maintenance and only need to be changed every 10 to 20 years, which means that you spend less on bulbs and 98 percent less on labor and maintenance. We expect you to have to take maintenance action once with LEDs for every 100 times you do with your existing lighting.

LEDs are color tunable, dimmable and can be programmed to sync to your circadian rhythm, making the headache-inducing flicker of fluorescent bulbs a thing of the past. Not only is a lighting retrofit an energy-efficient option, it will also literally make your space feel better.

When you implement an LED retrofit first, you can be sure that you’re getting a more accurate baseline of energy consumption and you will immediately see a return on investment—both financially and in terms of improving the experience of your space.

All retrofits are “good” retrofits and every project is a worthwhile investment that should be completed at some point, but it just makes sense to do a lighting retrofit first.

About the Author

Michael Hennessy
Michael Hennessy is the CEO and founder of Wavelength Lighting. After 10 years as an analyst and investor in clean energy finance, Hennessy put his expertise in energy project development to rethink the way lighting is consumed and managed. Wavelength Lighting is an LED distributor and project company, driven by a commitment to quality lighting, sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

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