Acquisition Expands Construction, Demolition Solutions from Brokk

Brokk has acquired Aquajet Systems AB, a manufacturer of hydro-demolition robots. The acquisition expands the application solutions offered by Brokk in the construction and demolition industry. Aquajet Systems specializes in concrete renovation by using high-pressure water jets to remove concrete without harming the underlying rebar or causing microfracturing. The machines are ideal for a variety of selective demolition applications, including bridge and road repair.

“We’re pleased to welcome Aquajet Systems into the Brokk family,” says Martin Krupicka, Brokk Group CEO. “This offers us the opportunity to better serve our customers in the concrete demolition and renovation business with a wide breadth of technologically advanced solutions.”

The Holsbybrunn, Sweden-based company shares Brokk’s vision for continuous product development and global innovation, and has enjoyed upward sales growth over the last several years.

“We admire Brokk’s reputation for manufacturing productive equipment for customers around the world,” says Roger Simonsson, Aquajet Systems managing director. “By joining Brokk, we look forward to growing Aquajet Systems’ sales through their existing distribution channels in several regions, in particular the U.S. market.”

Aquajet Systems was formed in 1988 and manufactures a full line of Aqua Cutter robots designed for a variety of applications, including bridge and road repair, tunnel repair and nuclear power plant rehabilitation and refurbishment. By varying the flow and pressure of water through the ceramic nozzles, the machines can remove areas of loose, deteriorated or even sound concrete to a predetermined depth.

The robots feature diesel or electric power and are compatible with Aquajet Systems’ line of accessories, which include rotolances and circular power heads. The company also manufactures power packs and mobile water treatment systems.

“Our sales and service team in the U.S. is excited about adding this hydro-demolition equipment to our product offering. Our existing customer base has expressed interest in adding Aquajet’s capabilities to their contracting services,” adds Peter Bigwood, VP Sales & Marketing for Brokk Inc.

For the past 40 years, Brokk has delivered over 7,000 demolition machines to more than 100 countries around the world. The addition of Aquajet Systems’ hydro-demolition machines and accessories complement Brokk’s current line of equipment.

Both companies will maintain current management with the acquisition.

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