Acuity Brands’ Luminaires Recognized by LIT Design Awards

Acuity Brands Inc. has announced that six specialty lighting luminaires representing the company’s A-Light, Eureka, Hydrel, and Luminis brands were selected as 2022 winners of the LIT Design Awards in the Ceiling Lights, Flood Lights, Outdoor Wall Lighting, Pendant Lighting and Street Lighting categories. The LIT Design Awards were created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers.

LIT Award winners include:

A-LightLean is a 2- by 2-foot acoustic lay-in luminaire that becomes part of an architectural ceiling tile while increasing sound absorption across ceiling planes. A Lambertian direct distribution delivers a soft, even illumination that suppresses glare and shadows. Designers can use the multi-functional fixture to turn project tiles into dynamic designs in applications such as office spaces. Lean was recognized in the Ceiling Lights category.

EurekaBillie is a large-scale architectural luminaire with a distinctive hollow center. The internal geometry of the luminaire, including the top radius, is optimized to improve the light spread inside the shape. And a return around the bottom edge acts as a reflector, casting shadow-free light evenly onto the curved interior surface. Billie was recognized in the Pendant Lighting category.

Caldera is a sleek and narrow profile luminaire with a large ring shape to harmonize gracefully with its surroundings, while its sharper and refined silhouette adds an elegant aesthetic touch to any space. Caldera was recognized in the Ceiling Lights and Pendant Lighting categories.

HydrelSAF Floodlight Family showcases its attention to detail with its clean aesthetic design sensibility and modern performance. It’s today’s lighting solution designed to show off optics at its very best and illuminate more from less luminaire. Versatile and comprehensive, it’s suitable for every architecture, site, and environment. SAF was recognized in the Flood Lights category.

LuminisBellevue includes columns, bollards, and wall-mount luminaires giving designers the latitude to bring lighting performance to where it is needed while unifying a project’s overall look. Bellevue was recognized in the Outdoor Wall Lighting and Street Lighting categories.

Hollowcore features a unique circular LED light engine, advanced optics and lens, producing all the output expected from a high bay while delivering light exactly where needed. It offers up to 22,500 delivered lumens (downlight) and up to 7,800 additional lumens (uplight) of uniform light with a batwing distribution for minimal cave effect. Hollowcore was recognized in the Ceiling Lights category.

An esteemed jury of designers and leaders in the lighting, interior design, and architectural fields evaluated each submitted design to determine the winners of the LIT Design Awards.

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