Amazon Joins the Zigbee Alliance Board of Directors

The Zigbee Alliance has announced that Amazon will join its Board of Directors. As IoT growth continues to accelerate, companies in the tech industry are collaborating within the Zigbee Alliance to shape the direction of standards, ecosystems, and devices to offer users experiences they’ll want to build upon within their homes and personal spaces. The decision by Amazon to join the Zigbee Alliance at the Board level is a message that the industry is focused on simplifying and adding convenience to the growing range of IoT devices available to customers.

“Customers tell us they want smart home experiences that are simple to setup, easy to control, and add convenience to the tasks they do every day,” says Christian Taubman, director, Alexa Smart Home at Amazon. “Voice control with Alexa is helping remove the complexity of smart home, and there are even more ways we can help customers by ensuring their smart devices connect and work together seamlessly. We look forward to working with the Zigbee Alliance and its members to contribute to open standards for device interoperability that benefit our mutual customers.”

Smart Home Satisfaction

Moving beyond its infancy, the smart home is taking hold and consumers are embracing IoT products as they continue to become easier to use. Manufacturers and standards organizations are bridging differences and breaking down barriers for the good of the industry. With voice services like Amazon Alexa and products such as the Amazon Echo family, consumers can connect lights, locks, sensors, and more to broaden the conveniences around them.

“As an industry, we need to move quickly to help consumers add new devices effortlessly, and ensure they are getting a great experience in the Internet of Things,” says Tobin Richardson, president and CEO, Zigbee Alliance. “We’re proud to be attracting the best tech companies on the planet, and Amazon joins an impressive lineup of other industry leaders and innovators on the Board who work with the Zigbee Alliance’s open standards and community to deliver real value in the IoT.”

Hubs & Ecosystems Unite

Finding a common vision and interoperable solutions within the Zigbee Alliance family of technologies, leading service providers and device manufacturers — such as Amazon, Comcast, Huawei, IKEA, Legrand, Schneider Electric, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), Somfy, and Samsung SmartThings — have chosen to design and introduce devices based on the Zigbee Alliance wireless standards. In doing so, these companies offer consumers more choice in building experiences. For instance, Amazon devices including the Echo Plus and new Echo Show feature a built-in smart home hub that connects to Zigbee-based light bulbs, door locks, sensors, and more. Now, customers can benefit from Frustration Free Setup and connect Zigbee products by saying, “Alexa, discover my devices.”

“Pairing Amazon’s Alexa-based technology with the Zigbee Alliance’s prominent wireless standards makes a lot of sense for not only manufacturers looking to partake in the smart home, smart building, and connected city categories but more importantly for the consumers that must embrace and champion connected technology for it to grow by contributing value to our everyday lives,” says Mareca Hatler, principal analyst at ON World. “Our research projects Zigbee technology will ship in 85 percent of the 4.5 billion 802.15.4 units predicted to hit the market in 2023, and with Amazon as a Board contributor in the Alliance, it’s clear the market-movers are really pulling together and operating on a global level to steer everyone forward.”

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