Annual Digital Publication Highlights Interior Design Trends

Domestic tile manufacturer Crossville has released its annual Design Trends Look Book showcasing four movements in interior design. The 2020 digital publication spotlights these broad trends present in both the commercial and residential sectors and puts them in context with Crossville collections. The virtual book may be viewed as an online magazine, in a video presentation narrated by Crossville’s marketing VP Lindsey Waldrep, or as a digital download.

Its review of macro trends is derived from Waldrep’s presentation offered as part of Coverings Connected. Each year, Waldrep represents the North American perspective on design and tile trends as part of a global panel discussion for the Coverings Expo. She brings a holistic perspective to the discussion as she delves into broad, overall movements that reflect the human experience and influence the creation and development of tile collections by makers across the globe.

Drawing inspiration from current influences in design and fashion, Waldrep compiled her review of this year’s focus areas into four specific groupings; mindfully modern, sophisticated shapes, greek revival, and rural chic. The 2020 Look Book delves into each of these focus areas through visual inspiration, including photos collages featuring Crossville tile.

2020 Design Trends:

  • Mindfully Modern nods to mid-century inspired forms and traditional materials with an eco-friendly vibe. Divergent textures of woodgrain, natural stone, concrete, and handmade low gloss ceramics bring purposeful polarity to any space.
  • The trend of Sophisticated Shapes leans into the beauty of design through arches, circles, pastels, metals, woods, and even chalk to create a look for your next project.
  • Fluting, marble, symmetry, and other classical details such as veining, linear textures, and ribbed wall tiles all play roles in the Greek Revival trend that brings design from a bygone era to the forefront of the 21st century.
  • Rural Chic is a trend that puts a touch of glam on the rustic ethos. Wicker, rattan, and caning create visual texture; brushed metal makes an impact; pattern tiles get bolder while natural finishes heat up; and color plays a role in any space.

Crossville showcases the Look Book as part of its Virtually Crossville online experience.

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