Aquatherm Updates and Expands Its Website

Aquatherm has announced the launch of an updated and expanded website. The site is designed to educate, engage, and assist contractors, engineers, and building owners who are considering or undertaking projects using Aquatherm polypropylene piping systems.

Improved navigation, searchability and simplification were paramount to the update, according to Aquatherm North America VP of Marketing Barry Campbell.

“The previous version of our site was great and served us well, but it had become dated and we really needed to upgrade it in those areas,” Campbell says. “We’re confident the site will allow us to better connect with customers, potential customers, and partners.”

The site includes information about Aquatherm pipe, fittings, and parts, including the multi-layer faser composite construction available on its Blue Pipe and Green Pipe. Other information includes applications, design tools, and downloads.

Engineering resources include access to linear thermal expansion and head loss calculators, chemical compatibility, and downloadable CAD files.

The contractor services area of the site covers training, installation equipment, and ancillary products, and offers a quick way to find local reps and distributors.

Other key elements of the site include access to an estimation calculator and the pressure test that is required to qualify an installation to be covered by Aquatherm’s 10-year warranty.

The site also highlights case studies to show contractors, engineers, and building owners examples of Aquatherm pipe in action at projects and applications similar to their own.   

“The new website is the hub that can identify, engage, and inform contractors, engineers, and building owners, while also serving as a key resource for manufacturer’s reps and distributors,” Campbell says.

Please check out the Aquatherm website.

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