ARCOM and GreenWizard Partner to Help Architects and Specifiers Spec ‘Green’ Materials

ARCOM, a provider of building specification services and tools, and GreenWizard Inc., a provider of materials data and documentation for the construction industry, have partnered to build a software platform interfacing their unique tools.

The goal of this partnership is to build an interface integrating the robust GreenWizard software platform, with ARCOM’s industry leading specifications tool. ARCOM’s SpecBuilder+Expert platform features tools that assist specifiers in editing manufacturer product specification sections. ARCOM will provide GreenWizard with the ability to populate existing SpecBuilder+Expert manufacturer sections through a jointly developed interface. This partnership will enable architects and specifiers to better specify and identify products and materials that will fulfill the green and budgetary goals of the building products they need for their projects.

“This new connectivity will provide GreenWizard users with push button create-a-spec functionality, provided through our SpecBuilder+Expert platform”, “We believe this will lead to faster integration of Green products, and will benefit both A/Es and the Building Product Manufacturers that rely on MasterSpec for accurate specifications said Matt Johnson, Chief Technology Officer at ARCOM. .”
Additionally, building product manufacturers currently utilizing GreenWizard will maximize the effort for loading and maintaining product data in GreenWizard by creating specifications in ARCOM’s SpecBuilder+Expert. GreenWizard acts as the communication hub for product information for both the design and construction industry, as well as the building product manufacturers, and will be able to work directly with ARCOM on simplifying the specification process for both parties.

“GreenWizard is excited that through this unique partnership with ARCOM, we can further simplify the product selection and specification process for the industry”, . “Together we will be able to deliver a series of solutions that progressively integrate the evaluation, selection and specification of products in a more effective manner for design & construction professionals and building product manufacturers.said Jerry Lepore, Chief Executive Officer at GreenWizard”

ARCOM and GreenWizard view this announcement as the catalyst for a growing relationship, one that is designed to create a clear leader in product selection and specification within the construction industry. With ARCOM leading the way in helping design and building professionals easily produce the most accurate and proficient specifications in the industry coupled with GreenWizard, the leader in building product management (BPM) data, this partnership can simplify and improve the BPM and specification process for many years to come.

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