ASID Publishes Reports Examining Factors Affecting Interior Designers

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has published five sector brief reports that explore the various influences affecting the interior design industry, and in turn, the work of interior designers. The briefs examine the factors affecting design in the education, healthcare, hospitality, residential, and workplace sectors.

As interior design continues to evolve, design professionals can maximize their impact by understanding the external factors that influence their work. Building on the research published in the “ASID 2016-2017 Outlook and State of the Industry” report, each brief presents an exploration of the factors affecting interior design in each of the five sectors, including the economy, environmental protection, security, generational differences, well-being, community, design excellence, data and knowledge, and value proposition.

“ASID is committed to providing the design community and the public with research that advances the profession of interior design and provides designers with the knowledge they need to maximize their impact on the human experience,” says Randy Fiser, CEO, ASID. “The five sector briefs provide insight into the factors affecting design and designers today. Design professionals will benefit from the insights revealed in each of these briefs, and ASID is proud to make them available to the design community and the public.”

Design professionals who review the briefs will benefit from the research team’s suggestions for proactively working through external influences, and will develop an understanding of the key points of each factor and the ways in which they affect design.

The briefs were developed from literature scans, surveys, and a series of Think Tank discussions with design leaders from each sector. Think Tank participants were convened to validate the research and to make recommendations on how designers can get ahead of external influences and prepare their businesses to succeed in the future.

Each of the design sector briefs are available for download here.

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