Autodesk Forge Invests in eSUB Construction Management Software

Autodesk shares our vision of connecting all construction project stakeholders, and we are thrilled to partner with a leader in construction management software to break down the silos within the industry,” says Wendy Rogers, president and CEO of eSUB Construction Software. “eSUB has grown over the years by delivering a cloud-based field data collection and project management platform for subcontractors, a stakeholder in the construction project lifecycle responsible for much of the trades work on projects. With the Autodesk investment, we are developing a seamless workflow to connect all project stakeholders to reduce errors from information loss, information timing, and information accuracy.”

The eSUB Construction Software mobile platform delivers an integrated suite of point solutions designed for subcontractors including time tracking; daily reports; issues; submittals; change orders; purchase orders; job costs; emails and more. Additionally, eSUB leverages Autodesk BIM 360 design management and collaboration capabilities to deliver plans and drawings directly to the field user. Learn more about how the current integration between Autodesk BIM 360 and eSUB works.

Benny Baltrotsky, chief strategy officer for eSUB adds, “For more than 50 years, the construction industry has experienced declining levels of productivity. Now is a time as construction companies are beginning to realize the benefits of productivity technology improvements. Our goal at eSUB is to enable subcontractors to leverage technologies, from field data collection tools to Building Information Modeling (BIM), into one user experience.”

Autodesk is a provider of 3D design, engineering, and construction software. This is its fifth Forge investment in a construction technology company over the past year. Autodesk Forge is a connected developer cloud platform which enables customers to create solutions for engineering, construction and manufacturing challenges. As a continuation of its development efforts and a member of the Forge community, eSUB leverages cloud technologies to push more integration between its internally developed web tools and core Autodesk applications.

“The complexity of construction projects is underappreciated by those not earning a living in the building industry,” says Jim Lynch, vice president, construction product line, Autodesk. “At any given time, hundreds of subcontractors are hard at work on a project, which requires oversight to avoid logistical nightmares. This investment represents the ongoing efforts of Autodesk and eSUB to reduce risk to people and the project, increase transparency, and improve jobsite accountability.”

“Within our company, we utilize different technologies throughout our operations, from preconstruction, construction, and facility maintenance,” says Clint Elliott, owner at Action Inc. “When we can create levels of integration between different phases of construction, such as with Autodesk and eSUB, the levels of efficiency and collaboration benefits all project stakeholders.”

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