Bacharach Inc. Strengthens Social Media Presence With Facebook Page

Bacharach Inc. has announced the launch of its Facebook page. The global corporate Facebook page will expand the presence and outreach of the company with information and updates to its growing customer base within the company’s focus markets of HVAC&R. While Bacharach will continue to be active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, this announcement marks the next step in its efforts to strengthen its social media presence to users on various social media platforms as the company continues to grow globally.

The new Facebook page will feature the latest on company news, tradeshow events, product information, regulatory updates, videos, articles, and promotions, as well as providing other glimpses into the how the company is making a difference for its customers every day. In the coming months, Bacharach plans to launch more new products and services so this page, aligned with the company’s website and other social media positioning, providing an expanded platform for customers to stay informed on the company’s new innovations, initiatives and activities.

Bacharach is committed to the goal of supporting its customers’ needs through providing support, while building on the history and capabilities created over the last 110 years. The Bacharach customer service and technical support teams are readily available to provide expert advice and answer questions submitted by visitors to its new Facebook page.

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