Back-up Power Source for Individual Lamps




Wireless Environment, a provider of LED lighting technology that optimizes performance in off-grid lighting applications, has created the first retrofit, back-up power source for individual lamps that does not require special wiring.

Powerful enough to enable LED and CFL lamps to defy electrical outages for up to three hours, SwitchSense is compatible with almost all luminaires that fit lamps with an Edison base. SwitchSense is designed to intelligently detect the difference between an open light switch circuit and a power outage. An open light switch will not trigger the back up power source to engage. When an outage does occur, the light switch can still be used to control the lamp while it is running off the backup power stored in the SwitchSense Bulb Adapter.

The SwitchSense Bulb Adapter constantly stores power in an embedded battery using a trickle charge when power is available. It can easily be installed in most luminaires in just a few seconds simply by screwing the adapter into the fixture outlet and the bulb into the adapter. The SwitchSense Bulb Adapter is an ideal retrofit solution to supply backup power during power outages that is code compliant for hotels, office buildings, apartments, residence halls, retail, private residences and rental properties.

The SwitchSense Bulb Adapter will launch in the fourth quarter of 2014.

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