BILCO Website Can Be Accessed in French and Spanish

With the click of a mouse, visitors to The BILCO Co. website can access and retrieve information in French and Spanish.

BILCO showed its innovation expertise in computer technology as well by making its website available in French and Spanish. BILCO products are used in applications in Canada, Mexico, and other countries in South America, making the translated websites valuable for project managers and other construction officials in those nations.

To access information in multiple languages, visitors can log on to and check the preferred language on the top right hand side of the homepage. All of the information for commercial and residential products will be displayed in the language that is selected. BILCO has sales members in South America that serve Mexico; Costa Rica; Guatemala; Argentina; Uruguay; Brazil; Ecuador; Peru; Chile and Colombia. BILCO also has a sales office in London, Ontario. Products can also be ordered online.

For more information about products from The BILCO Co. contact them at (800) 366-6530.

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