Brickworks N.A. Purchases Licensing Rights for San Selmo Brick

Brickworks North America Corp. (Brickworks N.A.), the parent company of Glen-Gery Corp., has purchased the licensing rights to sell San Selmo brick products across the U.S. and North America. The San Selmo product line will be part of its International Collection.

Brickworks North America is the North American holding company for Brickworks Limited. Glen-Gery, a North American manufacturer of brick and stone, offers a diverse offering of product colors, sizes and textures.

The San Selmo product line is a brick product produced in Italy by S. Anselmo Group, a fifth-generation boutique manufacturer of brick. S. Anselmo craftsmen have been conceiving, designing and creating brick designs since 1903.  Brick produced by the company has been used in restoration projects in Europe, including Domus Aurea in Rome, the Scrovegni Chapel in Padova, and the Fenice Theater in Venice. In the U.S. and North America, S. Anselmo brick has been a component of several residential and architectural landmarks.

According to Mark Ellenor, president, Brickworks North America, “Meeting the design needs of architects, interior designers and design professionals is a strong focus for Brickworks in the U.S. and North America. Brick is increasingly the material of choice for creating beauty, drama, elegance, contemporary flair or old-world charm on residential and commercial buildings. By bringing the respected San Selmo line to a broad North American market, we are proud to provide design-driven professionals with a product that can inspire visionary designs and enable unique architectural achievements.”

“For 10 years we have had a commercial presence in the United States and great success with our line of Corso long-format bricks,” says Alberto De Checchi, export sales manager for San Selmo. “Our partnership with Glen-Gery and Brickworks will allow us to increase our market penetration here, backed by a leading building products company focused on design and innovation, a strong distributor network and the highest quality standards in the industry.”

The Glen-Gery San Selmo product offering will be highlighted by San Selmo Corso, an elongated range of kiln-fired clay bricks that puts a bespoke stamp on contemporary architectural projects. Corso’s linear size is more than twice the standard brick length, creating a custom aesthetic that elevates residential and commercial structures.

The San Selmo line was previously distributed in the U.S. through Houston-based InnovaTile. InnovaTile will continue to distribute the Glen-Gery San Selmo brand in Texas and California. In other areas of the U.S. and North America, the full San Selmo line will be available through select Glen-Gery distributors.   

To enhance product availability, Glen-Gery will inventory select Corso products at its Mid-Atlantic manufacturing facility.  A Glen-Gery Import Office has been established to facilitate orders and provide customers with related services. Glen-Gery Business Development Support Specialist Amanda Valez can be reached at (800) 854-4780. Design and product questions can be directed to Glen-Gery Director of Business Development David Hall at (215) 375-5395.

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