Brochure Supports Improved Hygiene Through Flushometer Retrofits

Sloan has published a flushometer retrofits brochure in an effort to support facility managers as they transition from manual to touch-free restroom products.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to replace high-touch manual products with sensor-operated products,” says Mark Lawinger, Sloan senior product line manager, Flushometers and Fixtures. “Our new flushometer retrofits brochure is designed to provide building owners and facility managers with the information needed to effectively make this transformation with hygienic and sustainable products to create a safe restroom environment.”

Sloan’s brochure features a comprehensive set of sensor flushometer retrofits designed for improved hygiene along with increased water efficiency.

  • Top-mount Retrofits – These industry-leading flushometer retrofits replace the cover and diaphragm assembly with a number of options. The SOLIS retrofit delivers a power-harvesting solution, while the ECOS retrofit provides 30 percent water savings with a reduced flush. Both of these models provide dual- and single-flush options. Sloan’s G2 Flushometer is equipped with an electronic override for a courtesy flush, while the Sloan MC features an all metal cover design. Each option delivers up to at least six years of battery life.
  • Side-mount Retrofits – These retrofit options replace the handle assembly. Sloan’s dual-flush side-mount provides 30 percent water savings with a reduced flush, while the single-flush side-mount keeps drain lines clean with an optional 72-hour automated sentinel flush. Each retrofit provides up to a three-year battery life and features a low battery indicator LED light. Also, when retrofitted with a SFSM or DFSM flushometer, these retrofits allow a True Mechanical Override to ensure a manual flush if batteries are low.
  • Over-the-handle Retrofits – Sloan’s battery-powered infrared sensor retrofit is available for automatic touch-free operation for exposed Sloan urinal and water closet manual diaphragm flushometers. It is installed over the existing handle and provides a True Mechanical Override option.

As an alternative to touch-free retrofits, Sloan’s brochure also details manual handle retrofit options that come in a variety of hygienic and water-saving options. Sloan’s CuVerro handle is composed of a copper surface that continuously kills bacteria, eliminating more than 99.9 percent of bacteria within two hours. Sloan’s SaniGuard handle is coated to inhibit the growth of common bacteria, molds, and fungi, while the UPPERCUT handle delivers dual-flush options to help reduce water consumption by up to 30 percent while also inhibiting bacterial growth.

Read additional information on Sloan’s flushometer retrofits.

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