Ceiling Fan Features Smart Technology

The Wynd ceiling fan includes smart technology.
The Wynd ceiling fan includes smart technology.

Transitional style meets smart technology with the Wynd smart fan, from Modern Forms, available in four weather-resistant finishes as well as a 316 marine-grade stainless steel for harsh outdoor climates. The 52-inch style works great in living rooms and medium-sized spaces. The LED luminaire, powered by WAC, takes this design from beautiful to brilliant. Connect with the Modern Forms app for even more life enhancements.

Take control of it with the Modern Forms app. Features like Adaptive Learning suggests optimized schedules, while a DC motor inside keeps things running.

Choose a stainless steel housing with gray blades; matte white housing with matte white blades; graphite housing with weathered gray blades; and bronze housing with matching blades.

A testament to the brand, Modern Forms Fans are engineered using a DC motor and powered by WAC LED and controls technology. The Modern Forms smart ceiling fans, most of which integrate LED luminaires, feature an array of interior/exterior styles that utilize smart Adaptive Learning Technology developed by WAC Lighting.

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