CENTRIA Releases First Series of Environmental Product Declarations

CENTRIA is proud to announce the release of its first series of environmental product declarations (EPDs) in conjunction with UL Environment, an independent safety science company. The product-specific EPDs review five of CENTRIA’s primary foam products, including profiled and non-profiled Formawall insulated metal panels (IMPs), MetalWrap Series insulated composite backup panels, Versapanel and Versawall.

EPDs document the environmental impact of building products throughout their lifecycle. The comprehensive reports can be used by manufacturers as benchmarks and as a product comparison tool for customers—including architects, contractors and building owners—to make more educated purchasing decisions.

CENTRIA has a long history of providing sustainable, environmentally conscience building products to the construction industry, and our new EPDs provide a level of transparency that will serve as an industry standard for years to come,” said Rick Brow, Director of Marketing at CENTRIA. “When architects specify CENTRIA building products, they can be confident that they’re using high-performance products that also have been independently verified for environmental impact.”

The findings for CENTRIA’s inaugural EPDs are based on an extensive life cycle analysis (LCA). The documents detail important environmental and sustainability considerations, such as raw material extraction and origin, product performance data, energy resources, and a complete list of product performance standards. The EPDs also contain a wide variety of information, including detailed schematics of the manufacturing and the packaging process as well as environmental indicator statistics through each and every product application variable.

CENTRIA is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and the responsible use of natural resources. As a result, CENTRIA’s building products are manufactured using recycled content, result in less jobsite waste, reduce building heating and cooling costs, and lead to decreased maintenance and replacement costs.

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