Chelsea Building Products Enters Partnership for Everlast Siding Distribution

Chelsea Building Products has partnered with Elevations Building Systems for the distribution of Everlast advanced composite siding. Elevations will provide distribution, sales and marketing support, and pull-through sales strategies for the Everlast siding line of products.

As a division of United States Building Supply Inc. (USBS), Elevations Building Systems will distribute all three styles of Everlast siding, including all available colors of the Board & Batten and 6-7/8-inch lap profiles and limited colors of the narrow 4-½-inch lap profile. As sales dictate, additional colors of the 4-½-inch reveal will be added.

Everlast siding is an ideal product for regions served by Elevations. It provides durability against hailstorms and intense UV light, which are historic issues in the region.

“I’ve been in the exterior cladding market for more than 30 years and have distributed a wide range of products, ultimately looking for the one that will excel at our elevation. Everlast siding fits the bill perfectly,” says Dewey Lane, president and CEO of USBS (Denver, Colo.), the parent company of Elevations. “Over the years, many cladding products have failed due to intense UV light or hailstorm damage. Everlast siding has a proven UV resistance and can handle the hail that occurs each year in Colorado and the surrounding states.”

Furthermore, the Everlast siding warranty protects against excessive color change, peeling, flaking, cracking, rusting, blistering, and corroding. Its UV-stable acrylic capstock is molecularly fused to the substrate.

Founded in 1992, USBS distributes specialty exterior building products to the professional contractor, not consumers or individual homeowners. Elevations was added to the USBS portfolio to support lumberyards, retail outlets and other specialty distribution channels. The company bridges the retail distribution gap and provides customer support and sales development for such outlets.

Elevations is currently servicing all of Colorado, Wyoming, western Nebraska, western Kansas, New Mexico and Arizona.

USBS has been distributing Everlast siding since 2017. Elevations inherited the logistics and product distribution in Q4 2019.

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