Commercial Building Products Recycling Locator Is Launched

Construction Specialties' Recycling LocatorConstruction Specialties' Recycling Locator

Construction Specialties' Recycling Locator

Construction Specialties’ Recycling Locator

Construction Specialties (C/S), a manufacturer of commercial building products, and Earth911 Inc., an Infinity Resources Holdings company that supports the growth and goals of businesses and the information needs of consumers on topics relevant to recycling and low-waste, have introduced Construction Specialties’ Recycling Locator, the first such tool to address recycling solutions for commercial building products. The locator provides consumers with the information and resources necessary to conveniently recycle and properly dispose of materials.

Because knowing where to recycle building materials involves locating proper disposal for less common and harder to recycle items, C/S worked closely with Earth911 to create its own custom search tool to address its customers’ specific needs. This included identifying and verifying new facilities that would take C/S’ materials in addition to utilizing Earth911’s Recycling Directory.

Construction Specialties’ personalized Recycling Locator allows users to be geo-located or they can enter their ZIP code to find the most convenient recycling center. The locator assists users in finding landfill alternatives for the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Polyester curtains
  • Doors
  • Mastic primer
  • Mastic adhesive

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