Constant Power Programmable LED Emergency Driver Complies with CEC Title 20 Regulations

Fulham Co. Inc. has announced that its HotSpot Constant Power LED Emergency Driver (Part FHSP-UNV-10P-L-SD) has been certified compliant with California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 Code of Regulations for small battery charger systems.
Since the Constant Power Emergency LED driver family was introduced, it has become popular for emergency lighting due to its ease of installation and compliance with local emergency lighting standards. The new addition of FHSCP-UNV-10P-L-SD offers an emergency lighting system that uses LiFePO4 batteries to deliver a minimum of 90 minutes of light in case of a power outage. It can be programmed for lower light output for longer emergency runtimes. The HotSpot Constant Power programmable emergency driver has been certified to meet the CEC Title 20 specifications outlined for small battery charger systems. Title 20 affects installations in California and Oregon.
“Fulham is committed to taking the lead in supporting energy efficiency standards and ensuring that our customers have products that comply with all necessary regulations,” says Russ Sharer, vice president of global marketing for Fulham. “Our constant power LED emergency lighting system has been popular since it began shipping, and now, with Title 20 compliance, our distributors and partners have an emergency lighting solution for one of the most energy-aware markets.”

The HotSpot Constant Power Programmable LED Emergency Driver is one of Fulham’s programmable lighting products. In its default setting, the battery will deliver maximum output, a 5W battery will deliver 90 minutes of power at 5W, or a 10W battery will deliver 10W of power for 90 minutes, but the settings can be programmed to provide a longer runtime. For example, programming the driver for 5W emergency output while connected to a 10W battery will result in 180 minutes of emergency illumination. This allows luminaire OEMs and contractors to use one product for many applications and situations. The HotSpot Constant Power emergency light also features a bicolor illuminated test switch with self-diagnostics to promote reliability and safety.
The HotSpot Constant Power Programmable LED emergency drivers is available with four battery options, ranging from 5W to 10W rated output. The unit has UNV, 50/60Hz input with an output voltage from 16 to 55VDC. The unit provides constant output power, automatically adjusting the current as needed, and can be installed in minutes.
In addition to Title 20, the HotSpot Constant Power Programmable LED Emergency Driver complies with international safety regulations, including cURus, cULus, CE and ENEC. All HotSpot units come with Fulham’s 5-year warranty.
Fulham offers a collection of emergency lighting products that comply with international standards. For more information, visit the Fulham website.

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